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Member Testimonials

I have tired a lot of online workout/fitness classes but never really stuck to them, normally moving on after a few short sessions. So why am recommending Believe In Yourself Fitness? Because I have to say I am really enjoying it! I have done workouts in the past where I felt all over the place, fumbling and wobbly but not this. I am able to keep good control through the workout…but that is just the fitness part of the program. Rochelle is the other part. I didn’t know Rochelle or anything about her before I joined and I can say with confidence she is very real. What you see is what you get. Her classes are like working out with a friend…don’t get me wrong….they are hard and you will sweat…but they a relaxed and fun all at the same time. You will feel connected to Rochelle because she takes the time to check in and see how you are doing and this had made all the difference for me. So here I am hooked and really enjoying this program.

-Susan Matheson

I have so many wonderful things to say about Rochelle’s classes and the overall experience of getting to know her. Her classes are amazing, challenging, and fun, and getting to know her is icing on the cake. And you can literally have cake, she recommends it.  Rochelle really cares about what we all would like to see in each class. She asks for feedback and input because she loves to keep her classes varied so that everyone is engaged and enjoying the program. She is always just a message away. If there’s something you’re wondering about, a question about class or a specific move or size weight, just send her a message. You won’t be waiting days or weeks to hear from her, she will get right back to you to support you with whatever you need. All the extras that come along with Rochelle’s classes are so worth it as well; the discounts, the creative recipes, the weekly tips, groups get togethers, bonus classes etc., but the most worthwhile piece is getting to know Rochelle. She is the most genuine person that you will ever meet. She does this work because she knows where so many of us have been, how we feel about our bodies, how our bodies are making our minds feel, and she really just wants to help us get to a place of love and acceptance for ourselves in a healthy way. She is so genuine, down to earth, and just plain real. I’ve had so many chats with Rochelle and it’s felt like talking to someone I’ve known for years. The biggest asset of Believe in Yourself Fitness is Rochelle and you’ll never meet another person who is as committed to supporting you and your goals as she is. So if you’re on the fence, join now, you won’t regret it!

-Charlene Walsh

I’ve tried my fair share of fitness programs/boot camps but absolutely nothing compares to this one! Rochelle is so amazing at what she does! I’ve done a couple of her bootcamps and I can’t see me not doing them now! Not only did I get a great trainer here, I also gained the sweetest friend! She’s not one to just teach a class then be a ghost. There’s always a message waiting in my inbox after a workout just checking in to see how I found it or just a random message in the day of her sweet pups!
Thank you Rochelle for stepping outside of your comfort zone and starting these bootcamps!

-Meghan Lush

To say Rochelle is a natural born motivator is an understatement. I'm coming up on my third round of classes with BElieve In YOUrself Fitness and I can truly say she helped me fall in love with working out all over again. The classes week to week test your strength, cardio, balance and so much more and as you feel yourself getting stronger each week its hard not to come back for more! Rochelle makes working out fun and time will fly by; you'll have a good sweaty 50 minute workout under your belt before you can say "Sally".  Rochelle will make you feel like the best version of yourself and will become your biggest cheerleader! So don't walk, RUN and sign up for your first round, you will NOT be disappointed

-Susan Elliott

I grew up being very physically active, on every sports team in school. My young adult life, I loved bike riding, jogging and brisk walking. Later years, it’s been brisk walks and hikes. I never ever did fitness classes, aerobics, etc. I had no interest and felt too uncoordinated. However, between sickness and hitting the late 40’s, my physical fitness pretty much came to a halt and I found myself in a real slump. One day last summer, a coworker told me about Rochelle’s classes. What the heck, I joined. I’m so happy I did! Rochelle is a great mentor who offers so much motivation and the inspiration needed to keep going. Every workout is a challenge but somehow fun, the class flies!
I underwent major surgery in September. Rochelle kept in touch and when I was ready to start back in small steps, she worked with me. She has been amazing! She’s always on hand and responds promptly to messages and is good in keeping you motivated. I’ve never met Rochelle in person but I think she’s a sweetheart, besides being a trainer, I’ve gained a friend. She coaches and mentors you to “Believe in Yourself”

-Leona Martino

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